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Life is Beautiful 2018 - The New Chella!

Honestly, every music festival marks a new year for me. They bring in all the same emotions/feelings that celebrating New Years Day does. It's a time where you're with those you love, dancing the night away, racing to get ready on time with not enough time for photo opportunities! IT'S THE MOST PERFECT TIME OF YEAR.

Although festival season is coming to an end, I'm glad I closed it off with one of my favorite music festivals of the year, Life is Beautiful! This was my second year in a row attending and I'd recommend anyone to check it out at least once! It has a much more "free" spirit than Coachella does.

I love Coachella (have you seen my first post on my blog talking about how many times I've attended?!) but it's laid-back vibes have definitely gone missing in recent years. It's now turned into a fashion competition and a fight for the best golden hour instagram photo by the ferris wheel instead of a place to go and enjoy the moment at. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about those photos too which is why it was nice to get a change of scenery for once! haha!



  • Tris Boutique - Two-piece polka dot set (the top was actually supposed to be a tie-front but I made it into a halter.

  • Vanessa Mooney - Cutest diamond shaped choker

  • Blu Hue - Gold hooped, crossed earrings (direct link here: $14)

  • Urban Outfitters - Brixton Fiddler Fisherman Hat (direct link here: On sale for $21)

  • Ray Ban - Fave sunnies (direct link here: $153)


  • Shop Desert Moon - Cutest western choker

  • Romper - Cutest place on Abbot Kinney... I will hunt down the name of the boutique!

  • Vans - Vans SK8-HI SLIM in white ( direct link here: $60)

  • Ray Ban - Fave sunnies (direct link here: $153)



I thought I'd share some of my favorite artists from the weekend along with restaurants, drinks, and art installations I checked out while there. Definitely consider listening to them if you don't already! They were all so much fun to see live! Might have to say that some of my weekend favorite were Lane 8, Death Cab For Cutie, Foster The People, and Odesza!

View full Life is Beautiful lineup here.





Find additional artist information here.

  • Big Rig Jig

  • Bordalo II

  • Playmodes

  • Retna

Food & Drink

Find additional culinary line up here.

  • Kogi Truck

  • The Black Sheep

  • Tito's Bar across from Fremont Stage

  • Bling Bling Dumpling

  • Little Fatty

  • The Middle Fest Food Truck

  • White Rabbit Truck

Hope you'll check out Life is Beautiful next year!

What are some of your favorite music festivals?

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