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I Designed My Own iPhone X Case Through CaseApp...Here's What Happened

Whenever I'm given the option to design or custom make something on my own, I normally always pass. Not because I'm lazy, but because I honestly can not draw to save my life (who's with me?)!

When I first started seeing CaseApp products on instagram, I was a bit intimidated to create my own custom design for my iPhone X. One night, after seeing someone's instagram post tagging CaseApp, I gave in and clicked on their website and began my journey into this surprisingly easy customizable world.

Little did I realize, they offer pre-designed cases to choose from... About 28 pages of options! They have everything from patterns, marble, floral, tropical, dots & stripes, and so much more to choose from! It's super easy! First you choose your exact phone needs (ex: iPhone X, Samsung, etc) and then you begin your search through each of the pages!

WARNING: you might and up with 10 iPhone cases in your cart by the end of it!

After narrowing down my pre-designed options to five, I then decided to give the customizable world a shot! You first click on what type of mobile device you own, and then it takes you to a screen that shows what your case looks like, beginning with a blank canvas like pictured below.

I found my image by using google search images and adjusting the settings so that the dimensions were at least 1024 x 768 to ensure that the photo will print out well. Don't worry, they let you know if a photo isn't high resolution enough, which is great! Once I found the wallpaper I wanted, I uploaded it to the page and then added font to it.

You could do so much to your design! You can add a collage, choose your material (glossy/matte), insert text, background color, and even clipart.

I ended up ordering (2) iPhone X cases thanks to CaseApp!

It was honestly so much fun to create and I can't wait for you to try!

Let me know about your experience!

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