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Get Weird in Portland

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

YOU guys, lots has happened since my last post!! I traveled another year around the sun and naturally celebrated by having a fun-filled weekend! I danced, I had spicy margaritas & tacos, and of course drank one too many shots at one point of the weekend - sorry to everyone that received a text an hour before my Saturday brunch saying I was too hungover and needed to push back 2 hours!! LOVE YOU!

Then to top it all off, my love of my life surprised me with a weekend trip to Portland, Oregon!


Here's how our weekend went...


  • Checked into our SUPER CUTE 2-Story place with a balcony Airbnb

  • Walked around the corner to start off the weekend at StormBreaker Brewery and drank our way through (2) beer flights (Bartender's Picks)

  • Tried to not feel so bad about the beer and explored Mississippi Avenue which is on the same street as StormBreaker brewery and only a 5-min walk from our place. So many things to see: food, drinks, dispensaries, boutiques, cute homes, etc.

  • OKAY, ALSO, everyone we met was so nice! Literally every place we stopped at, the recommendations kept pouring in! One thing remained constant between everyone we met... we had to eat at Eem for our first night out! DUH WE ATE AT EEM AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL, MAGICAL, AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN.

  • Lastly, bar hopped on Mississippi Avenue before heading back to our place for the night!

Let's just take a moment to talk about that meal at Eem thooo. It was the most delicious thing ever. Let me give you a little bit of perception. G and I walked up and saw groups of people waiting outside and inside. Definitely looked like the spot to be at! We put our names in and it was about a 45-min wait. We were starving but luckily the host told us about an Oyster Bar a couple doors down while we wait. So we went and ordered a beer and a 1/2 dozen oysters. Once we finished and timed it right, we walked back right as the host was calling my name! Talk about perfect timing (especially when you're so hungry you can eat a horse!)

We were sat at the bar (our favorite place to sit at places - not because of drank but because the vibe is different!) - already a plus! Here's what we ordered:

  1. Green curry sausage w/papaya salad

  2. Massaman curry w/smoked lamb shoulder

  3. Baby back ribs

  4. Eem hot cauliflower

Everything was amazingly delicious but also spicy - which I love! So all my spicy lovers, you gotta come here!! OKURRR!



Woke up around 11am, and brunched at GRAVY. We sat at the bar and they gave you coffee while you waited for a table which was cute and gave it a "home-ey" vibe. There's definitely a BUT coming on... I didn't really like the food even though it has a 4-star rating with over 1K reviews on yelp. Maybe you'll have a different experience!

  • After we ate (or didn't eat O.o), it was time for some shopping! We went to the Adidas Employee Store where we spent over 2 hours at and convinced my boyfriend not to buy the whole store ha! Full disclaimer, you have to know someone to get in otherwise they won't let you in. One of my friends was kind enough to get me on the list and hooked it up!! THANK YOU DAVID TRUJEQUE!

  • Up next, thrift shopping on Hawthorne Street. Got lots of recommendations on this and it was so worth it! It was like thrift store central on crack! Shop after shop. Definitely walked away with some goodies!

  • Ended our afternoon shopping craze by heading back to our Airbnb, dropping all our goodies off, and then walking over to the cutest Mexican spot, Por Que No! It was about a 25-min wait but it was worth it! Ordered margaritas, tacos, rice, beans, and ceviche. SEWR GOOD!


  • Woke up slowly, filmed a takeover, and then it was time for brunch at RADAR. Honestly, lunch at radar was so yummy! Got right to it. Sat at the bar right in front of the prep station, ordered a grapefruit mimosa and sat back and watched the show while I waited for my beef hash. IT WAS SO YUMMY OMG. I definitely recommend this place over GRAVY, which just so happens to be right next door it!

  • Brewery Hopped. We definitely wanted it to be more of a chill Sunday and visited some breweries and watched some games for bae. lol

It was the best Bday trip ever... WISH I DIDN'T WAIT TWO MONTHS TO POST ABOUT IT! haha Hope you get weird in Portland !

Always Wavy

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